The Michael Doven Story

michael doven

Michael Doven is a professional photographer, producer and filmmaker who has spent 25 years in the movie and photography industries. He is a producer who has many films to his credit and has been involved in many movie projects in some capacity, including several multi-million dollar blockbusters.

The Early Years

He developed a special love for photography and the printed visual arts at an early age. He began by photographing and honing his skill with human and still life subjects. He was primarily self-taught, experimenting with various methods and equipment during his years on his own. These experiences prepared Michael for a career in professional photography that he has followed for the past 25 years.

Michael Doven’s Work and Legacy

Michael has worked in the production of several Hollywood movies, but his work as professional photographer for golfer Rick Rhoden was the work that launched him into the spotlight of public recognition. Besides being a pro golfer, Rick Rhoden also played baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1974-1978, the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1979-1986, the New York Yankees from 1987-1988 and the Houston Astros in 1989. See more here:

He began work in the film industry as the personal assistant to Tom Cruise; he eventually worked his way up to the chief of Cruise’s staff. For his work with Cruise, Doven received film credits in such movies as Far and Away, A Few Good Men, The Firm and Interview With the Vampire. Michael Doven also received credit as a production associate for Magnolia and as an Associate Producer in Mission Impossible II, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report and The Last Samurai. During this time, Michael married his wife, Andrea Morse, daughter of actor Robert Morse, who was also a one-time assistant to Tom Cruise.

Michael Doven and United Pictures Group

In 2015, Michael founded his own production company, United Pictures Group. Under this new aegis, he has many new productions in various stages of completion. United Pictures Group, under the direction of Michael, is also producing the following projects:

  • Durant’s Never Closes. This unique biographical and historical film is based on the life of Jack Durant, the infamous restauranteur in Phoenix who was said to have started his career working for Bugsy Siegel. Durant’s, starring Tom Sizemore in the title role, is a candid look at the controversial and enigmatic man who has been called a “genius in business,” a “womanizer” and everything in between. The movie shares the mystery and the legend of this incredible man and brings to life the time in which he lived. The film is now in post-production and should be released later this year to waiting audiences. The anticipation in Phoenix is already high!
  • Lucky Bastards. This edge-of-your seat suspense thriller follows the adventures of friends who “luck” into stealing the very famous car once owned by James Dean. They cannot believe their good fortune, until they realize that someone is coming after them: the car’s owner, a card-carrying Mafia member with a taste for torture. How to ditch the car and get out of town becomes the focus of this madcap adventure. Although it is unclear when Lucky Bastards will be released, the story is scheduled to begin filming very soon.
  • The Out-of-Town Wedding. The five friends in this story all arrive at an out-of-town resort to enjoy a wedding, but all for very different reasons. Before the weekend is over, they will all learn something about each other and themselves. In the early stages, this film may be released in the next year.
  • Standoff. If your child were taken away by a faceless bureaucracy, what would you do? One mother’s answer is to enlist the help of an attitude-filled attorney and fight the system with everything she has. The result is this spectacular movie which offers cutting insight into our system of government as well as telling a poignant personal story. It is unclear when it will be released, but audiences await this powerful drama.
  • Ascension. When an Atheist and avowed scientist climbs into a spacecraft, he has no idea that his entire outlook is about to be changed. With his life on the line, his daughter back on earth and time running out, this doubting individual may find the salvation he longs for in the heavens. With a gripping story and moment-to-moment suspense, Ascension is a movie to provoke deep thought as well as entertain.

michael dovenHe has worked in all capacities as a producer, from script development to pre- and post-production as well as press tours, marketing and other jobs involved in the production and release of a major film. He notes that the relationships he has built as a result of his work in the film industry have been invaluable to him in learning his craft and creating the quality film work he wants to produce.

Those relationships have served Michael well through the years and promise to sustain him in his new-found role as CEO of his own film company. He has the ability to draw on the very best from stage, film and television to accomplish his goals, and these friends support him in his quest for great film making.

Plans for the Future

So what does Michael Doven plan for his future? His past would seem to indicate that the sky is literally the limit. He will certainly continue producing films, but you are just as likely to see him out and about with his camera or even pointing a camera on one of his film sets. His connection to film seems to be fundamental, and it is doubtful that he will ever give up photography completely.

However, his days are filled with activity as the CEO and owner of a thriving film company with several projects going at once. It is likely that he will, for the foreseeable future, continue to practice what he does best: multitasking and juggling the many roles that surround the production of quality film projects.